Say Good Bye to Back Pain With Back Therapeutic Massage

Say Good Bye to Back Pain With Back Therapeutic Massage

Say Good Bye to Back Pain With Back Therapeutic Massage

Massages have always had an interesting role to play in the lives of those who receive them. Some view a massage as a means to be pampered while some others seek them out for their ability to provide short-term relaxation and relief from stress. There is another category of people who adhere to an alternative medical usage of massage, therapeutic massage as a means of treating the various medical ailments including pain. Even though therapeutic massage has been surrounded by some controversy and has been ridiculed at times by various conventional medical practitioners, every year many experiences just how effective this type of treatment can be for the treatment of medical conditions.

Back Therapeutic Massage

Does therapeutic massage work for back pain?

Increasingly, therapeutic massage is regarded as a valuable treatment option for patients who would rather avoid pharmaceutical options or find physiotherapy and chiropractic therapies not providing the ideal solution. Both upper, as well as lower back therapeutic massage Singapore, has shown to have numerous benefits by alleviating the source of the pain and improving the patients’ quality of in major ways.

How does therapeutic massage improve back pain?

Massage therapy is something that has helped many people till date who are suffering from various forms of spinal conditions which include:

  • Inflammation and swelling.
  • Muscle tension and spasms.
  • Stiffness in the back.
  • Backaches
  • Pain

With the means of hands or specialized tools, a massage therapist will rub, stroke or knead the affected muscles to increase the blood circulation in the body. This helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body muscles and helps to get rid of any acids or other waste or toxic products that accumulate in the in the region thereby relieving back pain.

Some of the types of therapeutic massages

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There are many types of therapeutic massages, but the most common types of massages are:

  • Swedish massage:

    In this type of massage, the therapist combines light strokes in one direction followed by deep pressure in another to relax the muscles.

  • Deep tissue massage:

    In this, the therapist targets on the chronic muscle tension and uses slow strokes along with more pressure and friction.

  • Trigger point and myotherapy:

    The therapist applies direct pressure on the trigger points to release the energy. At the same time, he/she stretches the muscle along with using a cooling agent which is sprayed onto the skin.

  • Shiatsu:

    This is an oriental massage therapy which is based on acupressure.

  • Reiki:

    This is a Japanese form of massage that adjusts the body’s energy.

Before taking the service from a massage therapist for therapeutic massage, ensure that he/she has:

  • Genuine and licensed certificate from a program that is accredited by the concerned authority.
  • 500 hours of training experience.
  • Follows the right practice standard and a strict code of ethics.

However, before you think about getting a therapeutic massage for back pain, ensure that you consult and talk to your doctor first to know whether your body is suitable to undergo therapeutic massage. Remember that therapeutic massage is not for everyone. So talk to your doctor and know if you the massage will improve your back pain or increase your discomfort even further.

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