Couple Massage

Time with Price
90-min | $368 : 120-min | $468

    For the couples that desire for sharing the advantages of massage along with experiencing it by them, nothing can beat the massage session for couples at Ambrosia spa on call. Getting to know the person whom you very deeply care about, providing them with the stress-reducing session along with a very soothing muscle relaxing hour invites the freshness in a calmer and more relaxed way into your relationship.

    Taking away the strange feelings regarding resentments towards massage can be replaced with the rewarding feelings that a great massage session with a loved partner provides. We guarantee that if our session of couple massage does not exceed the expectations of you and your partner’s hopes, the next session of massage will be completely on us.

    Couples who have attended the massage session with us have rated it as the best massage centre in the nation. Moreover, the couples have felt that they have made a massage match that is and in the heaven right with us. We love the feeling of providing happiness to our clients and customers. We love to see the couple being a great match here with us.

    To see the happiness and relaxation on both the partners’ face, we love to treat you and your partner with a wide range of massages and therapy which provide you with an experience that no other service providers would deliver in this industry.

    Talking about matching, the service path that we follow denotes to the provision of massage experience that will be matching to both you and your partner’s needs.The massage therapists deliver the best massage therapies which are completely customized according to your requests and needs. In every session, every therapist will do a thorough checkup to ensure what your desires and needs are during every massage session. Another way of enjoying great benefits that are available at ambrosia spa on call are top becomes a member of the wellness program that we offer.

    Through this program, we offer the ability to avail regular massage to our members at greatly discounted prices. Our clients and customers can also share their membership with any of their friends or associate member. It is simply another way to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic massage as a couple here at ambrosia spa on call.

    Our couple massages facilitate the partners in gaining an experience of heavenly massage together in the same ambiance as one therapist provides treatment to each person. We also turn this therapeutic session into a romantic event which leaves our guests surprised and overwhelmed. We also provide the Couple massage sessions in Singapore to our guests in any special room or beach side right under the stars.

    Our Couple massage session provides a cozy environment and a chance for the couples to get reconnected and a bit closer to each other. The spas that we offer allow the couples to enhance their intimacy to a great level. We also offer various packages to the couples for adding to their experience.