Deep Tissue Massage

Time with Price
90-min | $198 : 120-min | $268

    The Deep Tissue massage is pretty similar to that of Swedish massage, but the focus is more on the deepest layer of muscles. As this therapy aims at the inner structure of muscles and tissues, it is also termed as connective tissue massage therapy. As compared to Swedish massage, the pressure is more intense in the Deep tissue massage. Well, this is the main reason, why experts recommend Deep tissue massage for leg muscle tightness, back pain, sore shoulders and others.

    We term Deep Tissue massage therapy as a holistic massage therapy. We have keenly observed that benefits of this massage and thus greatly recommend this massage to our customers. There are a number of benefits associated with this massage therapy. Below here, we have explained some of the important benefits of Deep Tissue Massage therapy.

    Benefits of Deep Tissue massage –

    Effectively reduce the Muscle tension, Anxiety, and stress – As this massage therapy focuses on the deepest layer of tissues, it lowers the cortisols level in the blood. Again, it also enhances the production of Oxytocin, which increases the soothing effects in the body. Apart from that, this therapy also produces different stress-relieving effects, which lowers the activity of Limbic system.

    Reduces Chronic Back pain – When the tissues are weak in the back portion, the muscle has to bear a lot of stress and tension. Well, this is the main reason of chronic back pain and with age, it is very common. The Deep tissue therapy directly focuses on those broken or weak tissues, and initiates a regeneration process. With regular massage, the tissues start to heal and thus the back pain is effectively reduced. Although the back pain can also be reduced and effectively cured with the back therapeutic massage Singapore as it provides flexibility and helps to improve posture.

    Lowers heart rate and blood pressure – It has been observed that, the Deep Tissue massage therapy immediately drops the blood pressure in the body. Well, it actually increases the blood flow in the body and ensures that, blood is being circulated to every corner of the body. Due to this, the body starts to function normally, and hence the blood pressure is lowered. The Deep Tissue Massage therapy also reduces the heart rates and ensures a healthy heart.

    Breaks the scar tissue – Sometimes because of internal injuries, a scar tissue is formed in the body. This scar tissue restricts the flow of blood into that part and leads to stiffness. It also causes muscles spasms and inflammation, thus it is pretty dangerous. With Deep Tissue Massage Singapore, it is feasible to break this scar tissue and hence the blood circulation in the body is enhanced.

    Our therapists keenly listen to the problems of customers during the consultation session. After understanding the issues, the therapists offer the Deep tissue therapy in an effective manner. First, they start the massage with lighter pressure and slowly increase the friction. We mainly offer Deep Tissue Massage Singapore for 90 mins and 120 mins session. Well, it depends on you, which package you want. But if you are looking to avail more and more benefits, then it is recommended to go with the 120 mins massage session.