What’s The Difference Between Deep Tissue And Sport Massage?

What’s The Difference Between Deep Tissue And Sport Massage?

What’s The Difference Between Deep Tissue And Sport Massage?

The massage Therapy

A tiring and dull day can be excruciatingly painful if the muscles of your body are not pampered well at the end of the day. The very purpose of a massage therapy is soothing your tensed muscles and relaxing every inch of your mind and body to give you a soothing and relaxed experience. When crunched between the busy schedules of your work life or you are tired from your gym regime, all you need is relaxation. A professional body massage at a spa or at your home can release out all your stress and leave your body and relaxed and tranquil. The relaxing and soothing experience at a spa can bring tranquil to your mind. With increase in the stress in our day-to-day life, popularization of the spa services is of no astonishment. If you are a beginner at the spa then you must know the different types of massages and relaxation techniques. With the varied types you can diversify your choice and mode of rejuvenation and relaxation in a spa.

Let’s get detailed about the two massage techniques that will help relieve all your pain and excursion of your muscles. A detailed comparison between the two massage techniques will add value to the detailing.

Deep- Tissue massage

The type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. As the name suggests it involves applying of deep pressure into specific pain points. It includes the pressure of tight knuckles and elbow to tear-apart the muscles and reach to the last tissue of the bone. This is indeed a kind of torture to your muscles to get rid of the stubborn stiffness of your muscles and is definitely not meant for everyone! It is especially meant for athletes, joggers and gymnasts who over strain their muscles than the average person in order to enhance their sportive abilities.

Unlike the classic massage therapy, deep tissue massage Singapore is more useful for chronic pain, recovery of injury and postural problems. It enhances the flexibility and improves the posture and its deformities. It works miraculous in lowering the blood pressure of your body. By regulating the blood circulation it provides the adequate amount of oxygen to the deepest layer of the muscles and tissues. Macro close up of hands massaging female neck and shoulders.

Sport massage

A specially designed massage therapy for the sports and fitness enthusiasts can be named as sports massage. It is a kind of massage that can be administered to all the group of physically active members of sports; from weekend warriors to international athletes! It basically stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph fluids thus sending oxygen too every corner of the body. It averts the stress and tension build up by body’s soft tissues while physical activity.

To meet the requirements of the athletes at every period of their physical activity, the sport massage are divided into four kinds as follows:

• Pre- event sport massage- a brief, stimulating massage to prepare the athlete before the sport activity• Post- event sport massage- a soothing massage intended to cool down the body and relax the stressed muscles after workout
• Restorative sport massage- the massage that is given to the sportsperson during the training period to improve the performance
• Rehabilitative sport massage- a massage that is given to the sportsperson as a part of recovery from a previous injury to return back to normal state

Aimed at the sportspersons and athletes, this kind of massage helps to enhance the speed of the blood flow and lower down the blood pressure. It lessens the chances of injury and reduce the recovery time. It is well designed to suit every requirement of a sportsperson who is involved in any kind of physical activity.

The differences

Unlike the deep-tissue massage, sport massage caters the need of every sport enthusiast, may it be weekend player or an international athlete. Deep-tissue massage on the other hand is designed for specific trouble points. Deep-tissue massage involves knuckles and elbow press to reach to the deepest layer of the muscle whereas sport massage is more sort of soothing and relaxing technique without exerting extra pressure. The chief benefit of deep-tissue massage is to relieve from chronic injury whereas of sport massage is to stimulate the blood circulation and other lymph fluids.

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