Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Time with Price
90-min | $198 : 120-min | $268

    The purpose of the Lymphatic Drainage massage is to facilitate the mobility of the fluid out of the tissues right into the lymph nodes as this is where the viruses, bacteria and other various microorganisms are destructed. It facilitates in the reduction of pain and swelling bad enhance the immune system. It also improves the circulation of all the white blood cells all around the body. We, at Ambrosia Spa On Call , offer lymphatic massage which is provided by very few massage service providers in the market.

    We understand the need for having a good health both inside and outside of the physical body. That is why it is very important to have a proper functioning of the lymphatic system of the body. Lymphatic massages are not extensively provided in the worlds which have been giving us a competitive edge in the market. We have clients who have been returning to us for repeated session of lymphatic massage from our experts.

    The experts who provide lymphatic massage here are highly qualified and have several years of experience and practice in this industry. These experts are known for their higher degree of professionalism in their work which is very much relevant from the way they provide the service to you. The ambiances on which our experts provide to you provide a very calming and soothing effect.We understand the needs of the people and the patients who suffer from different medical conditions and diseases and provide our massage service accordingly.

    Our experts have a proper comprehension of the direct and specific rhythm in which the massage would be provided for increasing the lymphatic system all over the body.We have clients who have different medical needs and have greatly benefited from the lymphatic massage that we provide.

    We have professional medical practitioners and doctors who assist in getting consultation regarding the provision of massages to the patients. The lymphatic massages that our experts provide help with the process of healing after surgery. These types of massages assist in the regeneration of the tissues to the patients in order to minimize scarring at the sites of surgical incision. The lymphatic massages further swelling of the affected sites and help in detoxifying the body. We happen to provide the massage service to the patients after a gap of a minimum of 6 weeks post surgery.

    By providing lymphatic massage in Singapore, we stimulate the lymphatic system and improve the lymph flow volume by around 20 times. We maintain the optimum pressure that is required during the massage. We also provide various services to our clients with various needs and requirements. We facilitate customized massage service in accordance to the mood of the clients. Our experts ensure that the clients are satisfied with the massage services and return back to us several times. We offer many discounts to our regular clients and the customers who register with us as members. We also believe in building great relationship with our clients which makes them keep returning back to us for repeated services.