Postnatal Massage

Time with Price
90-min | $228 : 120-min | $298

    We, at Ambrosia spa on call, understand the need and significance of Postnatal massage in a women’s life. One of the most important and special events in a women’s life is delivering a baby. Although it is one of the most overwhelming moments, nobody can deny the pains that a woman goes through during these times. However, we cannot prevent the pain that a women goes through while undergoing a cesarean section.

    It is a major surgery of the abdomen and finding yourself in extreme pain is a natural fact. Therefore, some precautions need to be practiced right after the delivery. Our massages are well known for reduction of stress, relaxation, relief from pain and other benefits of health. Unique benefits of postnatal encompass regulation of hormone, enhanced sleep patterns, improved breastfeeding and reduced swelling.

    We also offer more advanced massage therapy for new mothers that assist in restoring the body to it condition that was before pregnancy. The massages that we provide to the mothers also fasten the healing process and help in the recovery of C section. The massage therapists that provide service in our centre are certified in the perinatal and prenatal massage therapy.Our therapists conduct a checkup and go through your medical documents right before starting your massage therapy. Our service personnel understand the sensitivity of the body that women’s body is in after delivering a baby through c-section. We offer the services of Postnatal Massage Singapore after considering all the medical outcomes.

    Our therapist is well acquainted with the needs and requirements that a female body needs after going through drastic physical changes for nine and more months. They provide light massages that provide pampering experience to some women. On the other hand, some women need deeper techniques for having good pressure on the knots. The therapists that we have are highly qualified and have a great deal of experience in this field.

    They are experts in providing Craniosacral therapy and Myofascial release that reaches deep into the client’s body for providing a better and complete healing. These Postnatal massage techniques that our experts provide have a healing effect on the women’s body. We have a good comprehension of the depression and anxiety that women go through after pregnancy.

    Our therapists provide unique massage experience to the woman which helps them in getting rid of postnatal blues. The oils that our therapist’s uses for the postnatal massage of the women have therapeutic value that helps us in providing a healing experience to the mothers. The ambience that we provide to the new mothers soothes their mind and provides a calming feeling.

    They feel rejuvenated after undergoing drastic internal and external changes in their body for more than nine months. Our therapist is very careful in checking the reaction that the skin of the new mothers would give to the oils that also have significant effects on the therapy. We provide various kinds of massage and discounts on our services to our clients in the most effective way.