Prenatal Massage

Time with Price
90-min | $198 : 120-min | $268

    Massage therapy during the months of pregnancy is a very wonderful choice that can be included in the prenatal care. It is a very healthy way for reducing stress and gain overall wellness. Massage of any kind relieves different discomforts that are experienced during the months of pregnancy like stiff neck, backaches, edema and headaches. Moreover, massage for women who are in their months of pregnancy results in reduction in stress that is resulted due to the increased weight.

    The Prenatal massage therapy that we provide to the pregnant women facilitates the circulation of the lymph and the bloods in the body. Further, the processes of massage that our experts provide assist in relaxing the nervous tension that helps in getting better sleep. These massages help in relieving anxiety or depression that is resulted due to the changes in the hormone levels.

    We take extra care for ensuring that the pregnant clients are feeling very comfortable. We use soft cushions and sideline positioning with good support for alleviating the stress that is present in the pelvic and lower back areas during the application of the massage techniques during the sessions. Extra strains that are present in the areas can result in unnecessary abdominal or back pain which we avoid in order to prevent any kind of potential discomfort.

    Right through the 2nd trimester, pregnant women may prefer to lie on their back with a cushioned wedge to be placed under one of the hips in order to facilitate an elevation. On the basis of the stage of the pregnancy, the therapists may use the massage techniques like Swedish, reflexology and some techniques that fulfill the needs and requests of the clients.

    The massages that we provide offer various benefits. The therapists that provide such massages to our clients always prefer to have a conversation regarding the way she feels in order to build a very friendly relationship with the clients.

    The therapists that we have are here are highly qualified and many years of experience in this industry which increases the trust that our clients have on us. They know the techniques and the ways in which the pregnant women going through the prenatal stage would receive the massage in the right way. The Prenatal Massage Singapore that we provide are very much customized in accordance to the health conditions that the client has.

    It is a fact that massage cannot commit that the baby will sleep the entire night peaceful after being born, it will definitely provide you with a good sleeping pattern before, during and after pregnancy. Conventional massage therapy that we provide will not only assist in reducing the discomfort and anxiety that the client experiences but also improve the relaxation. Women with very low risk and normal pregnancies which can gain benefits from the different types of techniques of massages that we provide. We also have doctors which assist in giving consultation regarding the use of techniques that have to be implemented during the Prenatal Massage.