Shiatsu Acupressure Massage

Time with Price
90-min | $198 : 120-min | $268

    Yes, we offer the best Shiatsu Acupressure massage in Singapore. Well, we have been offering this traditional Japanese massage therapy, since past few years and have managed to resolve the issues of our customers. If you want to reduce your pains and stresses, then this massage therapy is highly recommended for you. This healing massage therapy works on the principle of Chi energy and pressure points.

    The name of this massage therapy – Shiatsu refers to pressure massage with fingers. As this massage therapy involves the principle of pressure points, it is also termed as acupressure massage. As it is a traditional massage, it is only performed by experienced massage therapists. Thus, we have arranged certified and experienced therapists in our portfolio. Our therapists have been efficiently trained to perform this particular massage.

    Thus there won’t be any issue during the massage session. Again, they have prior experience in offering shiatsu massage, as they have served some individuals. Mainly, shiatsu massage therapy includes traditional techniques like pinching, rotating, vibrating, patting, pressing, and others. With these techniques, the entire body is subjected to a different state of healing.

    In case, you are dealing with strains, sprains, shoulder and back aches, then this massage therapy will effectively offer you a great relaxation.

    According to the experts, if you have soft tissues and repeatedly facing internal injuries, then availing a shiatsu massage session, and can help you in strengthening your soft tissues.Apart from that, Shiatsu massage Singapore also removes the tensions and toxins in the muscles and arouses the hormone system.

    Now you must be thinking, why shiatsu massage is termed as different and unique from other massage therapies? This massage is based on the flow of Chi energy in the body. Chi energy is the ultimate universal energy in our body, which nurtures us and grows us till we die. Sometimes, because of excessive stress, the flow of Chi energy is blocked, and thus different functioning in our body is affected.

    Mainly, lower back pains, high blood pressure, muscle sprains, headaches are very common in this phase. The shiatsu massage clears the blockage of Chi energy and thus the energy flow in enhanced in the body. Thus, all the issues are resolved, when the Chi energy starts to flow again. Our therapists keenly understand the problems and difficulties of customers and accordingly offer them effective shiatsu massage.

    They target specific pressure points in the body, to ensure them a relaxing body massage. With great ease, they massage over the pressure points and release the tensions trapped in the skin. Slowly, they offer massage to the entire body and ensure proper flow of Chi energy in the end.

    We offer four types of Shiatsu massage therapy in our premise – Classic shiatsu, Deep shiatsu, Tantric shiatsu, and Watsu shiatsu. You can choose any of the massage services, as per your convenience and our therapists will offer you the best. So, call us now and book your massage session today.