Sports Massage

Time with Price
90-min | $198 : 120-min | $268

    As the name suggests, Sports Massage is something, which is greatly associated with sports and fitness activities. From international athletes to weekend joggers, everyone prefers to avail a relaxing Sports Massage. The main reason, why sports massage is highly recommended is, it targets the muscle-tendon junctions and greatly improves the range of motion in the body.

    We offer Sports Massage in two different manners – Pre-activity Massage and Post-activity Massage. In the Pre-activity massage, we offer effective sports massage to the individuals in order to enhance the functioning of connective tissue. With Pre-activity sports massage, it is feasible for the body to work through full range of motions without sprains, thus the chances of injury are highly reduced. Mainly, dynamic rubbing and stretching techniques are used by our therapists during the pre-activity massage session.

    In the Post-activity massage session, the therapy is mainly performed to recover the damaged muscle tissues in the body. Well, most of the time the athletes are severely injured and it is very difficult to treat them with medications. In such cases, sports massage is the first thing, which is provided to the athletes. This massage effectively removes the toxins from the muscles & joints and prevents them from soreness. The massage session mainly involve long strokes and tapping.

    To deliver the Sports Massage Singapore in an effective way, we have arranged experienced tissue specialists/ massage therapists. These therapists only offer sports massage, as they have deep knowledge and experience in handling the tissues. It doesn’t matter how critical is the injury, our therapists will efficiently heal the body within a specific time period. Apart from special therapists, we have also built a special chamber for sports massage.As you know that, environment plays an important role in ensuring good relaxation and peace; we have keenly designed the chamber with sauna and steam bath facilities. Indeed, our sports massage therapy will definitely ensure you a great healing.

    Benefits of Sports massage –

    Now let’s talk about the benefits of sports massage. Like other massage therapies, sports massage has its own benefits.

    • As the range of motions is improved, the body can now adapt to different varieties of motions. So, the chances of stress and injuries in the muscles are greatly reduced.

    • With increase in flexibility, the power and performance of individual is also enhanced.

    • With Sports massage, the recovery time of individuals is improved.

    • The blood flow in the body is increased and hence the supply of oxygen and nutrients in the body is also improved.

    • Flush out the toxins and other metabolic by-products from the body.