Traditional Thai Massage

Time with Price
90-min | $198 : 120-min | $268

    The Traditional Thai Massage are very popular in the South-Asian countries. This massage service is based on the principle of Acupressure and Yoga postures. The individuals, who are stressed because of hectic working schedules greatly admire the benefits of Thai massage therapies. Being a reputed massage service provider in Singapore, we have been offering Traditional Thai massage services for a long time.

    Around 60% of customers, who visit our premise to avail massage services, prefer to go with the Thai massage services. To deliver effective massage session to our customers, we have arranged experienced massage therapists in our portfolio. Our massage therapists are certified to offer Thai massage therapy. Thus you don’t need to worry about any inconvenience.

    They have offered Traditional Thai Massage Singapore to some customers and have also gained good appreciations. Our Therapist will first offer you a consultation, in which he/she will try to understand your issues. You need to open up your feelings while sharing your problems with the therapist. Depending on your problems, they will offer best massage therapy, to reduce your pain and stress. Get relieved from stress and relax your body with the luxury spa treatment Singapore.

    We have set a warm and soothing atmosphere for the Thai massages. The therapist will provide you massage clothing and will assist you to relax on the massage mat. Depending on the massage package you have chosen, the therapist will offer massage services accordingly. Mainly, we offer massage sessions for 90 mins and 120 mins.


    If you are looking for utmost relaxation and pleasure, then it is recommended to go for 120 mins massage session, or else the 90 mins session is fine. With the help of massage oil and lotions, the therapist will start the massage session. Well, there will be a lot of physical contact between the practitioner and customer, so there is nothing to worry about that.

    To relieve tensions and energy blockages from the body, our therapists mainly use their feet, knees, elbows, palms, and thumbs. They compress, pull, stretch, and rock with the body of customers so that the stress and tiredness are effectively removed from the body. After all the stretching and physical techniques are done, the massage therapist will slowly start the acupressure technique.

    Well, Acupressure is probably the best therapy to ensure proper energy flow in the meridian. The massage is offered to important pressure points so that the energy blockages in the meridians are sorted out. Thus, the energy flow in the body is regulated, and the typical issues in the body are fixed. Remember one thing; the more you are relaxed and satisfied with the massage session that more is the benefits.

    Thus, our main objective is to ensure proper relaxation and peace to the customers. You can easily book our Traditional Thai massage in Singapore through call or Message. In case, you are looking for any special complements with the Thai massage; then it is recommended to talk to our executives. We also provide attractive discounts to the corporate members, so kindly check our offers for today.