Tuina Traditional Chinese Massage

Time with Price
90-min | $198 : 120-min | $268

    Tuina Traditional Chinese Massage is considered as the most effective body massage therapy. This massage practice has a great demand in Singapore, as both practitioners and customers appreciate its benefits. Apart from ensuring proper relaxation and pleasure, this massage therapy also resolves the disharmony in the body. We have been offering Tuina massage services for a long time and thus have greatly satisfied our customers.

    Our main objective is to understand the difficulties of customers and accordingly offer them the best massage services. Tuina massage uses the basic theory of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine. Well, this is the reason, why this massage service is also offered in the hospitals. The traditional Chinese medicine includes medicinal herbs and oil, which can effectively resolve the disorders in the body.

    Again, the effect of acupuncture also greatly enhances the healing procedure in the body. Indeed, Tuina massage therapy is one of the effective and popular massage therapies in Singapore. Tuina massage services are highly recommended for individuals who are suffering from frozen shoulder, neck pain, Migraine, Back Pain, Digestive disorder, Stress, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Joint Pain, Insomnia, sprains and others.The above disorders are some typical health issues, which have no particular medication. But availing Tuina massage services at regular intervals can greatly help in resolving the above issues.

    We have served some customers with Tuina massage for such complications, and they all have appreciated this unique massage therapy. To ensure massage experience to our customers, we have arranged a dedicated team of massage therapists, who only serve Tuina massages. We have hand-picked the therapists from reputed massage institutes. Thus all of our therapists are certified and trained for massage sessions. Because of this reason, our massage services don’t include any mistakes and all. There are some specific regulations associated with Tuina massage.

    Our experienced therapists follow every regulation effectively and thus effectively maintain the massage. This traditional Chinese massage therapy includes some techniques like Tapping, Back-packing, Rocking, Pulling, Treading, Pinching, Grasping, Pressing, Flicking, Shaking, Rolling, Single- finger pushing, Kneading and others. First, the therapist will allow the customer to relax on the massage couch.

    Then they slowly start to rub the muscles of individuals to ensure them intense relaxation. The specialty of Tuina massage therapy is, it clears the blockages or internal injuries in the body. Look, when some amounts of energy are blocked in the streamline, then the functioning of the body is greatly affected. But with the Tuina massage session, all the blockages in the body are cleared, and thus the energy flow cycle in the body is restored again.

    Probably, this is the main reason, why experts greatly recommend Tuina massage therapy. We offer Tuina massage therapy in 90 mins session and 120 mins session. It depends on the customers, what they want. But after understanding the difficulties or issues, our therapists suggest them an appropriate duration. To book Tuina massage session today, you can either give us a call or can also message us.